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12 Month “Village Herbalist” Apprenticeship

Does studying herbs seem daunting to you? Do you own herbal books with "laundry lists" of herbs and their uses, but can't bring yourself to embark on the herbalists' path? Are you confused by what you read or hear about herbs? Do you feel drawn to using plants for yourself and others, but don't know where to start? Are you looking for a hands-on, live class in the NY metro area?  This program is for you!

I believe that every home and community should have an "herbalist"- someone well-versed in the uses and practical application of botanical remedies. I also believe that the most effective herbalism exists in the context of relationship between people and plants. I'm committed to helping you reinvigorate this ancient relationship, which is our fundamental birthright as human beings. 

The VHTP is an academic herbal program, with a focus on practical application- making the information real and usable. 

Over our 12 months together, we will study:
• Basic botany and plant identification
• Materia Medica of 75-100 herbs, with a focus on bioregional herbalism (what's local)
• Plant constituents and energetics
• Paradigms for choosing the right remedy
• Systems of the body and proper application of herbs
• "Medicine" making and building an herbal apothecary
• Getting to know plants in the woods, fields, and gardens of our area
• Developing intimate, life long relationships with plants as allies in holistic living
• Flower essence work & much more!

Choose either Friday or Saturday session. Both meet 10am-3pm.

June 1 or June 2
August 3 or August 4
September 14 or September 15
October 12 or October 13
November 9 or November 10
December 7 or December 8

2019 Dates:
January 12 or January 13
February 9 or February 10
March 9 or March 10
April 6 or April 7
May 17 or May 18
June 7 or June 8


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Save $125! Special pricing available if taken along with "Food as Medicine" Class. Please contact herbalartsapothecary@gmail.com.

6 Part Herbal Medicine Making Intensive

This class will focus on the preparation and skills needed to make teas, tinctures, herbal infused honeys, syrups, herbal vinegars, infused salts, oils, salves, and more. Students will leave with products from each session. This is a totally hands-on class offered at both Glenwild Garden Center (in Bloomingdale, NJ) and my home in West Milford, NJ.

March 8 - FREE INTRO 7-8pm
March 10 - FREE INTRO 12-1pm

Class Dates:
May 19
June 23
August 18
September 8
October 6
November 3

All classes are held from 1-3 pm.

$245 (includes materials fee)

6 Session “Food As Medicine” Intensive

This program focuses on the fundamentals of good nutrition, and the health of the “microbiome” (without pushing a particular agenda). We will discuss at length the “politics” of food and issues in sustainability. We will learn hands-on cooking techniques, explore recipes, and discover gardening basics. We will focus on “wild weeds” and other wild foods as sources of good nutrition. (This class includes a “weed walk). We will visit a farmers’ market and prepare a 100% locally sourced meal, taking students’ dietary protocols into account.

This class has a required reading list:
The Omnivores’ Dilemma by Michael Pollan
Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz
The Dirt Cure by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

Class Dates:
June 2
- Wild Weeds Intensive at Two Pond Farm, West Milford, NJ
July 14
August 25
September 16
- Warwick, NY Farmers' Market Trip (Warwick is on the Northern NJ border)
October 14
November 3

All classes, except September 16th, are held from 1-3 pm.

$275 (includes all materials)

Childrens’ Health & Wellness Series- 3 part class

A new series of this class begin bi-monthly. In this 3 part class, we will explore issues in children’s health, with a focus on natural remedies and preventative care. We will discuss optimal nutrition for kids, as well as strategies for busy families to encourage children to eat well. I will share what I keep in my own medicine cabinet, for my child, when illness strikes. Parents are encouraged to bring questions, concerns, and specific issues their families are dealing with.

This class will meet for 3 consecutive weeks.


Voluntary Simplicity Intensive

What are the issues we are grappling with as a society? Overwork, stress, debt, and too much “stuff” are robbing us of our joy. We are complicating our lives with schedules that are too busy, and a desire to “keep up with the Joneses” in terms of possessions and status. What if there was another way to live? This 4 part series (facilitated as an open discussion forum), will help to deconstruct commonly held assumptions and offer a roadmap for a simpler life. We will discuss the philosophy of “voluntary simplicity, and the “slow” movement, and how we can apply these principles to everyday life. We will also touch on ways we can use herbs, food, proper sleep, and exercise to reduce stress levels. This series focuses on practical solutions and simple actions to restore sanity in our modern world.

This class will be held at Glenwild Garden Center.


Wellness Experiences

Pantry Makeover and Family Wellness Package

I’m a mom, and I know how difficult it can be in today’s world to feed our children well. I will come into your home (with ZERO JUDGEMENT) and help you to identify the ways you can improve your kids’ (and everyone else’s) diet too. We can go on a health food store tour, cook up some delicious kid-friendly food, swap things out where relevant, discuss any health issues your kids are grappling with, and make necessary (and incremental) changes where appropriate. These sessions are ALL ABOUT your family, and your unique and specific needs. I am here as your private “Family Wellness Coach” to facilitate greater health and well-being for your household. I have 30 years under my belt as a “natural foodie” and 10 as a mom. You can pick my brain, and I will share my knowledge and experience with you!

This package is 3, two hour sessions. More may be scheduled, as needed.

You may schedule this, as well as take a Children’s Health and Wellness series, for $550.

Whole Health Coaching

These one-on-one sessions will explore and deconstruct health issues, looking for root causes and opportunities for healing and improvement. My personal feeling is that true healing comes about through getting to know yourself on a deeper level, and what you truly need to be happy and healthy. We will look at diet, exercise, self care practices, herbs and supplements, sleep and any other issues that you find relevant. We work together as a team, with your education and empowerment being the highest goal.

Our initial session lasts 1-2 hours, so that we may fully discuss all issues thoroughly. I will take a week to comprehensively review your case. We will follow up within 1 week of your session with recommendations- either by phone or email.

Cost for initial consultation is $195. Follow up sessions are $135, and we will schedule after our first meeting.

Our work together will require at least 2-4 sessions, and can continue longer, if you desire.

Acute Sessions

Are you sometimes at a loss when faced with an acute illness like a cold, flu, stomach bug, headache, or urinary infection, but don't know how to proceed? I can help you move through your short-term illness in a holistic way, making herbal, supplement, and dietary recommendations, as appropriate. We also touch on ways to keep you healthy going forward- addressing any vulnerabilities in the body that may be present.

Sessions are held over the phone, and are up to 1/2 hour.



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