Back to Work on Herbal Arts Apothecary

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October 17, 2018
Musings on “Adulting”
March 27, 2019

It’s funny how life sometimes has its way with you (us!). We all have intentions of putting energy into creative projects, but inevitably other demands on our time arise. The responsibilities of everyday life obviously take precedence over all. That said, It’s time to come back to the work that really grounds us, and Spring is the best time for fresh starts, eh? The snow is leaving, and the sun is shining. Collective exhale….

The world is feeling very chaotic to me- the news (as always), the struggles of friends and family, the grip of technology and the unrelenting pace of life…It seems overwhelming at the moment, and my nagging suspicion is that this is the “new normal.” My commitment is to do what I always do when life seems “crazy”: get back to basics. Creating/crafting with my hands and putting direct energy into projects with tangible results is key. I really think this is the antidote to modern life: the work of our hands, emphasizing doing for ourselves, focusing on community, grounding ourselves in nature. “Self care” is such a trendy phrase, but it can be as simple as planting something that flowers beautifully, or making a lovely herbal concoction, or cooking a delicious meal.

There will be a whole new round of classes (hopefully even some online ones) that emphasize our creative self-empowerment in relation to the natural and botanical worlds. Join me if you the feel the call…

In the meantime, Happy Spring, friends!